Why African Countries Need to Be Recolonised – Ex-US Navy Officer

Erik Prince, a former US Navy officer and founder of the American private military company, Blackwater has opined that African countries need to be recolonized.

Prince’s opinion was based on his observation that African leaders are corrupt and selfish.

According to a clip posted on Africa Facts Zone, the Blackwater Founder believed that if African nations continue to struggle with self-governance, it’s time for them to be invaded once again.

He argued that African Leaders prioritize their gain over the welfare of their citizens, which makes it difficult for their countries to function properly.

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The Former Navy Officer observed that if incapable leaders persist, it is justified to reimpose foreign governance to bring stability.

He said:

It is time for us to just put the imperial hat back on to say we are going to govern those countries if you are incapable of governing yourself because enough is enough.”

During the 19th and 20th centuries, European powers colonized African territories. Some of these were Britain, France, Spain, Portugal, and others.

However, in 1960, the United Nations(UN) adopted a resolution that upheld the importance of ending colonialism in all its forms and affirming the right of all people to self-determination.




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