“Is he g@y?” E-Money Got People Talking with His New Fashion Style

Tapre Timine
Tapre Timine
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Emeka Okonkwo AKA Emoney, Chairman of the Five Star Group, has gotten a lot of attention for his new fashion style and shoes.

His recent images on social media showed him wearing a pair of gleaming high heels.

This drew mixed comments from his fans.

Some wondered if he now swing both ways sexually, while others claimed that Igbo men aren’t fashion-conscious and may wear anything to any occasion.

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See some reactions below:

@damochy10 wrote: “Kuku come out straight make we know.”

@teleshow wrote: “Do you want to tell us something, E sweetheart?”

@nature000 wrote: “na small small clap take dey enter dance.”

@naomi247 wrote: “Is he from Agaygay family?”

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