No Single Leader in The Niger Delta is Worthy of Admiration – Aggrieved Youth

An Aggrieved Niger Delta youth has taken to micro blogging platform, Twitter to declare that no single leader in the Niger Delta region is worthy of admiration.

The aggrieved youth with the Twitter handle @Tonye_Ayiba stated that all leaders in the region, whether political or religious are only concerned about what they stand to gain.

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Ayibatonye who appear to be vexed by the resource control recently granted to gold producing states in the North exercised disappointment over the greed driven approaches of self acclaimed leaders in the Niger Delta.

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Ayibatonye wrote;
No single leader in the Niger Delta is worthy of admiration. Be, religious leaders(pastors) traditional leaders(kings), political leaders. They’re all selfish and pursue their own personal agenda.

None is fighting a course for the benefit of the Niger Delta.We have been marginalized, trampled upon, and used as a slave, yet we have leaders that hold good followership, all they do is sit in the comfort of their house and preach rubbish, talk nonsense, loot, take from the poor masses and enjoy in glamour with impunity.

No unionism for a course
No gospel to fight our course
No contribution at all of any sort to the course of Niger Delta.

Fickle minds, greedy souls, held in high esteem.

What I just saw from the northern corner getting “resource control for their gold”, just sicken me more when I see anybody claiming to be a leader in the Niger Delta, a bunch of fools. Rubbish!”

The northern states of Kaduna, Zamfara and Niger were recently granted resource control rights through the Presidential Artisanal Gold Mining Development Initiative (PAGMI), with Kebbi and Osun States serving as Pilot States.

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Written by Tare Magbei

Tare Magbei is a media practitioner with Daily Report Nigeria.

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