APC Blames Goodluck Jonathan For Terrorism in Nigeria

By Tapre Timine
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The All Progressives Congress, APC, has accused former President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration as cause of the reason behind Nigeria’s current insecurity challenges.

The ruling party said it would be unfair for anybody to label President Muhammadu Buhari a failure for not tackling insecurity in the nation.

The APC said Jonathan is to be blamed for allowing insurgency and banditry until it became full-blown.

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DAILY REPORT recalls that angry Senators had threatened to impeach the President over the worsening insecurity ravaging the country.

Soon after they staged a walk-out during a plenary, the minority caucus, from the opposition party, gave the president a six-week ultimatum to handle the security crisis or face impeachment proceedings.

This followed reported cases of shootings and attacks on security operatives in different parts of the Federal Capital Territory forcing the authorities to shut schools to prevent students from becoming victims.

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Reacting to the treats, the Presidency in a statement by the President’s spokesman, Garba Shehu, had described the action of the opposition senators as babyish, noting it was a waste of time.

Shehu’s position on the matter was re-echoed during a phone interview with APC National Publicity Secretary, Felix Morka, who called the move to impeach the number one citizen a major distraction.

Morka then confirmed to newsmen that the buck stopped at Jonathan’s desk for failing to take decisive steps to finish the insurgency at the incubatory stage.

He said;
It was the same Jonathan administration that incubated Boko Haram to a point where it became a fighting force. Many of them who are in that party really should be hiding their faces by now.

Again, this is not to suggest that all is well. There is obviously, some very serious work to be done. This government will do his work.”

Further reacting to the impeachment treat, Morka let out that removing Buhari won’t wipe off terrorism or the annual challenge of insecurity.

It is an unjustified and unwarranted attack by these elements against our people and freedom. If it is that simple to remove the President and everything about Nigeria is solved, the PDP would have done it way back when they were in power.

Jonathan would never have survived the onslaught if he was not defeated by-election. A lot of issues we are talking about today were incubated by the same individuals and party when they were in government.

I have not heard them speak, loud and clear, to condemn the actions of these terrorists and those inflicting harm on our people. Therefore, as a minority caucus, their first resolution should be, first of all, to a send signal to say ‘We stand with Nigerians.’ Then reject and condemn this thing.

I also think it is very insensitive to watch what Nigerians are facing today. That’s why I said trying to impeach Buhari because of what is going now is a major distraction and a simplification of the problem,” he said.

He then added that the issue of insecurity is a global challenge and not restricted to Nigeria alone.

Morka said;
This issue we are discussing happens everywhere in the world. When there is an act of violence or terror against people in other countries outside of Nigeria, political opposition and the ruling party stand shoulder-to-shoulder to condemn the perpetrators of evil. That is what they do.

When you don’t do that, it is like choosing the terrorists themselves over your own people who are the target of terror. This is an inexcusable politicization of a very serious challenge to our national security.

Even if the terrorists are roaming around as they do, sneaking in the shadows and attacking our military, these are our citizens who are out there fighting to defend our liberty and lives. Where is the empathy for them including our police and security forces confronting them head-on?

I think the event by the minority caucus is just a major distraction. This government remains committed to combating insecurity. The Nigerian Army, populated by Nigerians, will continue with its work and the sacrifice they make to keep the country safe.”

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