‘Your Kayamata Never Worked,’ Ex-husband Calls Jaruma’s Aphrodisiac Products Fake

By Tapre Timine
1 Min Read

Jaruma and her ex-husband, Ross Isabor, have continued to tease each other on Instagram following their breakup.

It all started when she re-shared a 2017 video of herself giving Isabor a loved-up bath.

He went on Instagram and told Jaruma that he has been serving her breakfast since then and that she should stop deceiving her “gullible” followers.

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He also told Jaruma’s aphrodisiac clients that her jazz had never worked and that “only fools believe in kayamata.”

Jaruma then took to Instagram to post a video of her conversation with her him, revealing how she saved his name as “bastard.19” on her phone and also mocked him.

The Kayamata seller noted that she dumped her man debunking the statement that she’s losing weight because he dumbed. She added that her weight is due to a loss supplement.

Again, she claimed that her ex is still pleading for her return.

Watch the video below:

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