Opinion: How Much is an AK-47?

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By Moses Udoisoh

It takes about five hundred thousand naira (N500,000) to venture into a profitable small scale business in Nigeria. To raise these funds, you may need to beg from friends, take a loan from a micro-finance bank (The Big Banks no go give you shishi), sell some of your family’s properties and even deposit your certificate in lieu of funds.

You finally get this money and you are about to set up your start-up. You rent a space, pay for CAC registration, pay all the Government levies and taxes, employ a few other youths and boom you are in business. Two years passes by, but you are yet to break even. You are paying salaries and wages with little left for you. You need to shore up capital, you say in your mind. Thus, you approach your state Governor for some funds; he is too busy to even read your SMS let alone reply. You run to your Senator and House member; he/she is currently in Dubai attending to legislative matters. You need to wait till next year to get his/her attention. You approach your clergy, but he is currently on the mountain. When he finally comes back, he tells you of how worldly your legitimate business is. “Believers don’t do such business” he exclaims aloud. You are stocked. You regret venturing into the business. You are confused and worm out.

While you are in your valley of thoughts, an announcement flashes on the Television screen. The Federal Government has just settled Kidnappers and Bandits for Kidnapping. A cleric even help secured the deal. State Governors are all over the place with platitudes of words to justify the ‘gainful’ employment of the kidnappers. “They have been neglected by the Government” – one of their apologist emphasizes. Still wondering if the word kidnapper means something different, you query what new vocation is that and what tool is needed for the job. An immediate response is given……..ONLY AN AK-47.

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As night falls and you retard to bed, the only question on your mind is; HOW MUCH IS AK-47?

You take a quick google search and hola! It is about three hundred thousand naira. About half the amount you used to set-up that genuine business two years ago.

You are vexed. You sell up the assets of the business, gather 350k and approach an online store for a simple styled AK-47 with a capacity to release 30-rounds of ammunition. You approach some youths who have had their scores with the Government. Up at once, you make an assemblage in a forest and from there launch your first assualt on a nearby school, church or market. Collect a few citizens for keeps in the forest. After three days, the government comes for negotiation. The deals goes smoothly and hundreds of millions is dropped at your doorstep. “Wow! So this business is this profitable” you and the boys shout aloud.

Suddenly, your Governor now has your time. He wishes you come out of the forest and take a few paparazzi with him. Your Senator and Honorable member is concerned too, they seriously want peace to return to their senatorial district and constituency respectively. Your pastor is in a daily supplication for God to touch your heart and restore you back to the faith. Other youths are already impress by your boldness and sudden breakthrough. They want to start their own kidnapping business. In no time, this society erupts into a state of chaos and a free for all.

This is the curve the Nigerian State is currently taken. May we not forget.

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