There’s More Reward Giving Money to Your Father Than Your Pastor – Reno Omokri

By Tapre Timine
2 Min Read

Pastor Reno Omokri has instructed men to sow into the lives of their physical fathers rather than their spiritual fathers, and girlfriends.

This comes after a man, simply identified as Godswill Phizzy, tried to appreciate him with money.

Replying to the man, Omokri stated that it was more rewarding giving gifts to one’s father than their pastor, saying men who sow seeds to their fathers are more successful.

He said:
“Dear Godswill Phizzy,

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Thank you for wanting to financially appreciate me. Instead of blessing me with that money, sow it as a seed of honour to your father. Then ask him to pray for you after he accepts the money. If that prayer does not open doors for you, then God did not call me.

No money given to any pastor, myself included, is as rewarding as money given to your parents. Men who sow to their parents are at the top of the wealth and fulfilment ladder.

“Those who only sow to their girlfriends, or their pastors, rather than prioritising their parents, barely ever feature at the top of the pyramid. And if they do, they don’t last long, and their wealth is redistributed to those who honour their parents-Proverbs 23:5.

Thank you again and may God bless you.”

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